Carlos Trower / African Blondin performances

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 Author's additional comments appear in blue.

Performance dates and locations have been gleaned from articles and other media reports, therefore dates and appearances could overlap. Where this and other aspects such as noted below are identified, future research will be initiated.

Most entries record The African Blondin without mention of Carlos Trower, however other artistes used the African Blondin name such as :- Mat Lopez, the renowned and respected Herr Christoff and a performer called Jacko .   As you can appreciate, a rather confusing picture.

June  1861        Location   Leek   Venue   Rudyard Lake  ( not sure on the accuracy of date.   It appears  in the AA Walks website but I                                                                                                               have not found any supporting evidence to date)                                                 05/02/1862    Location   Dundee   Venue   Angus  The Circus

First mention of The African Blondin is in Dundee 05/02/1862 appearing in the Pinder and Swallow partnership. However it has not been established if the Scotland performances pertain to Carlos Trower or Mat Lopez. Therefore the 1862 Scotland performances have been given a separate Header together with an interesting narrative where appropriate, regarding similar performances by other artistes.

04/08/1862    Location   New York   Venue   Myrtle Avenue Park Grand Union celebration

05/08/1862    Location   New York    Venue   Myrtle Avenue Park   West Indies Emancipation  celebration

27/06/1863    Location    Ely   Venue   Annesdale Cambridgeshire UK

 If this is Carlos, and I think it is, is this the launch of Carlos Trower’s talented career in the UK by adopting a more versatile performance? It appears to be more entertaining than the Carlos Trower who performed in the Brooklyn Jubilee celebrations.

04/07/1863   Location   Clayhithe   Venue   Joshua Worts

11/07/1863    Location    Clayhithe   Venue   River Cam

18/07/1863    Location    March   Venue   F.B. Phillips Paddock

This is the first mention of Carlos Trower associated with the name The African Blondin in the UK.

01/08/1863    Location   Wisbech   Venue    Bowling Green Gardens

08/08/1864   Location   Basford   Venue  New Belle Vue Grounds 

16/08/1864   Location   Congleton   Venue   Daisy Bank 

17/08/1864   Location   Congleton   Venue   Daisy Bank  

30/08/1864   Location   Leek    Venue   Leek Cricket Field , Shire Gala Company  

03/09/1864   Location   Leek   Venue   New Belle Vue

10/09/1864   Location   Market Drayton  Venue Gala

24/09/1864  Location  Leek   Venue   Rudyard Lake

26/09/1864  Location   Leek    Venue   Rudyard Lake  

03/10/1864  Location Oulton    Venue  Oulton Racecourse

24/03/1866   Location   Northampton   Venue   Thomas's Music hall

26/05/1866   Location Northampton  Venue  Melbourne Gardens

12&19/05/1866  Location   Northampton   Venue   Public Gardens

26/05/1866     Location Northampton   Venue   Melbourne Gardens

01/06/1866     Location Peterborough   Venue   Great cricket match

08/06/1866    Location   Peterborough   Venue   Tout Hill

23/06/1866    Location   Norfolk   Venue   Victoria Gardens

14/07/1866    Location   Cambridge   Venue   River Ouse

21/07/1866    Location   Whitlingham   Venue   Review Ground Crown Point

04/08/1866   Location   Whitlingham   Venue   Regatter   Crown Point

12/08/1866    Location   Ipswich   Venue   The Rosherville

13/10/1866     Location   Diss Norfolk   Venue   The Saracen's Head

20/10/1866    Location   Aylsham Norfolk   Venue   Star Green

23/11/1866     Location   Lincolnshire   Venue   Witham River

30/11/1866     Location   Grimsby   Venue East Marsh

06/01/1867    Location   ?   Venue   Albambra Hall

24/02/1867    Location   Darlington   Venue   Theatre Royal

28/02/1876    Location   Middlesborough   Venue Albert Theatre

10/03/1867    Location   South Shields   Venue   Albambra Concert Hall

16/03/1867    Location  Leeds Venue  Pullan's Music Hall

24/03/1867    Location   Promotion   Venue   Old Tankard Concert Hall  Sheffield

18/05/1867     Location   Redcar   Venue    Redcar Race Course

14/06/1867    Location   Hull   Venue   Whitsuntide Festival  

25/06/1867    Location   Coventry   Venue   Brandon Park Fair   

06/07/1867    Location   Redcar   Venue   Pier Saloon

11/07/1867     Location    Redcar   Venue  Pier Saloon  Grand Gala  

13/07/1867    Location    Redcar    Venue  Pier Saloon   Grand Gala 

14/07/1867    Location   Hull   Venue   Queen’s Theatre  

20/08/1867   Location  Congleton  Venue  Daisy Bank

14/01/1868     Location Leeds  Venue  Princess Concert Hall

01/02/1868    Location   Portsmouth   Venue   Portsmouth Music Hall

16/02/1868   Location   Portsmouth   Venue   Portsmouth Music Hall

04/03/1868   location  Winksworth   Venue  Lime Kiln Hall

02/05/1868   Location  Lutterworth   Venue  ????

05/06/1868   Location  Nottingham   Venue   The Castle Grounds

17/07/1868    Location   Beverley   Venue   Field adjacent to Beverley Cattle market

26/09/1868   Location   Beverley   Venue  ???

15/12/1868    Location   North Shields   Venue   Manley's Grand Cirque Olympique    

18/04/1869    Location   Harlepool   Venue    Theatre Royal

03/05/1869     -  04/05/1869 – 10/05/1869 – 14/05/1869 – 17/05/1869     

                          Location   Liverpool   Venue   Royal Coliseum Theatre Paradise Street         

07/05/1869    Location   Bishop Auckland   Venue   Market Place

02/08/1869   Location   ????    Venue   Floral & Horticultural Society

25/08/1869   Location   Durham   Venue   Barnard castle

04/09/1869   Location Bishop Auckland   Venue   Barnigham Park Gala

11/08/1869    Location  Darlington   Venue   Promenade Concert

05/12/1869 ????  See below same date Location   Burnley Venue  Peoples Hall

05/12/1869     Location   Leeds   Venue   Thornton Varieties

11/12/1869      Location   Leeds   Venue   Thorntons Music Hall

14/12/1869     Location   Leeds   Venue   Leeds Music Hall

16/01/1870     Location   Hull   Venue   Mechanics

23/04/1870    location   Sleaford   Venue   Market place

30/05/1870    Location  Bradford   Venue  Reel Park

08/06/1870    Location   Bradford   Venue   Bradford Park

11/06/1870     Location   Bradford   Venue   Sunday Schools of Bradford Reel Park Gala

23/05/1870    Location  Bradford   Venue   Peel Park West Riding Gala   

22/06/1870    Location   Aberdeen   Venue   West End Gardens

26/06/1870    Location   Aberdeen   Venue   West End Recreational Grounds

02/08/1870    04/08/1870 – 05/08/1870 – 06/08/1870     

                          Location   Dublin   Venue  Quaglients  Lower Abbey Street

06/08/1870    Location   Dublin   Venue   Quaglients Italian Circus

August 1870   Location   Carlisle   Venue   Turf hotel

30/08/1870   Location   Eastham   Venue   Pleasure Gardens  

24/09/1870   Location  Longton  Venue  Victoria Theatre

01/01/1871    Location  Leigh  Venue  Royal Music Hall

22/06/1871   Location  Ripon  Venue  Horticultural and Floral Fete

31/07/1871    Location  Bristol  Venue  Avonmouth Fetes Zoological Gardens

24/09/1871   Location   Halifax   Venue   Royal Hotel Odd Fellows Hall

11/05/1872    Location   Bramwell Lane Sheffield   Venue   Sheaf House Gardens

21/05/1872    Location  Bramwell Lane  Venue  Sheath House Gardens

08/06/1872  Location  Carnforth  Venue The National School

30/05/1873   Location   Blackpool   Venue   Raikes Hall Gardens     Start of a four month engagement.

23/08/1873    Location   Blackpool   Venue   Raikes Hall Gardens   

29/09/1873    Location   Blackpool   Venue   Raikes Hall Gardens  Completion of the four month engagement. .                                                                                         Carlos was presented with a silver and gold medal by the Raikes Hall Directors.

19/10/1873     Location   Southport    Venue  Alexandra Gardens

18/12/1873     Location  Bradford  Venue  Alhambra

22/02/1874     Location   Bradford   Venue   Alhambra

28/02/1874    Location  Huddersfield   Venue  Theatre Royal

08/03/1874   Location  Huddersfield   Venue  Theatre Royal

28/03/1874    Location Chesterfield   Venue  Old Recreation Ground

11/04/1874     Location  Chesterfield   Venue  Old Recreation Ground

16/05/1874    Location  Chesterfield   Venue   Codnor Park

12/07/1874    Location   Redcar   Venue   Congleton -  Redcar Pier Saloon

07/02/1875    Location   London   Venue   Sanger’s Grand National Ampi Theatre

14/02/1875     Location  London  Venue   Sanger's Grand National Ampi Theatre

06/03/1875   Location  Sheffield   Venue  Alhambra Palace

14/03/1875    Location  Sheffield   Venue  Alhambra Palace

22/03/1875    Location  Birmingham  Venue Concert Hall of Varieties

25/04/1875    Location   Wolverhampton   Venue   Molineux Grounds

15/05/1875     Location   Sheffield   Venue  Codnor Park

24/07/1875     Location  Oswestry    Venue   Chirk Castle

04/08/1875    Location  Taunton   Venue  Vivary Park    ??? Carlos in Brooklyn ??? see next entry

04/08/1875    Location   New York   Venue   Myrtle Avenue Park   Paul Green identified the said article as " Carlos was expected to                                                                                                                                 appear"  it could be that Carlos did not make the trip.

07/08/1875    location  Oswestry   Venue  Chirk Castle

20/08/1875    Location Oswestry   Venue  Chirk Castle

07/09/ 1875   Location  Tiverton Venue  The Wilderness

23/08/1875    Location  Barnstaple   Venue  Grand Monster Gala

30/01/1876    Location   Cardiff   Venue   Hutchinson and Tayleurs Circus

28/01/1876     Location  Leicester   Venue  Stoodly and Harstones Circus

05/03/1876    Location   Leicester   Venue   Theatre Royal

29/03/1876    Location   Belfast   Venue   Botanic Gardens

03/04/1876    Location Belfast   Venue  Botanic Gardens

15/04/1876    Location Belfast   Venue Botanic Gardens

16/07/1876   Location   Gainsborough and Cheltenham  Venue   Promotion

18/07/1876   Location  Cirenster    Venue  Oddfellows Fete

17/01/1877   Location   Chester   Venue   Swallows Circus

24/03/1877   Location   Chesterfield   Venue  Recreation Ground

31/03/1877   Location Chesterfield   Venue  Recreation Ground

08/04/1877   Location  Chesterfield  Venue  Recreation Ground

12/05/1877    Location   Morecombe   Venue   Morecombe Gardens

23/05/1877    Location Morecombe   Venue  Morecombe Gardens

03/06/1877    Location   Morecombe   Venue   Morecombe Gardens  for twelve weeks

26/08/1877    Location   Morecombe   Venue   Moss Hall Garden  re engaged for six weekks

28/10/1877    Location   Brighton   Venue   Ginett’s Hippodrome and Olympia

04/11/1877     Location   Brighton    Venue   Ginnett’s Grand Olympia

18/11/1877    Location   Leamington   Venue   Sanger’s Circus

24/11/1877    Location  Leamington Spa   Venue  Victoria Pavilion Circus

13/01/1878    Location   Wolverhampton   Venue   Prince of Wales

21/01/1878    Location  Nottingham   Venue  Alexandra Ice Rink

10/03/1878    Location   Birmingham   Venue   Reservoir Rink

15/03/1878    Location Hanley    Venue  Peoples Music Hall

28/04/1878   Location   Tunbridge Wells   Venue   Skating rink

03/05/1878   Location  Tunbridge Wells   Venue  Skating Rink

30/06/1878   Location Staffordshire   Venue   Rudyard Lake

07/07/1878   Location   Leek   Venue   Rudyard Lake

07/07/1878   Location   Leek   Venue   Rudyard lake

17/07/1878    African Blondin Sails to America on steamer Ageral

28/07/1878    Arrives in America performances on the high rope at Myrtle Park Brooklyn  

01/08/1878    Appears at Myrtle Avenue Park Brooklyn

08/08/1878    Appears at Hamilton Park Newhaven Connecticut

20/08/1878    Booked to appear at Myrtle Park

09/09/1878    Appears at Myrtle avenue Park Brooklyn  Emancipation celebration

15/09/1878     Appearing at Brighton Beach, Colney Island. 

01/08/1878    Location   New York   Venue   Myrtle Avenue Park

03/08/1878    Location   New York   Venue   Myrtle Avenue Park                  

02/09/1878    Location   New York   Venue    Myrtle Avenue Park  Masonic Building fund

04/09/1878    Location   New York   Venue   Myrtle Avenue Park  Masonic picnic

10/09/1878    Location   New York   Venue   Myrtle Avenue Park  Volkes festival

12/09/1878     Location   New York   Venue   The Cannstatter Festival

17/11/1878      Location  Swansea   Venue  Star Theatre

16/03/1879    Location   Halifax   Venue   Odd Fellows Hall

30/03/1879    Location   Leeds   Venue   Thornton's Varieties

06/04/1879    Location   Sheffield   Venue   Old Tankard

20/04/1879    Location   Sheffield   Venue   Old Tankard

28/04/1879    Location Brighton   Venue  Skating Rink

04/05/1879    Location   Brighton   Venue   Skating Rink

31/05/1879    Location  Northampton   Venue  Victoria Gardens Fete

15/06/1879    Location   Cheshire   Venue   New Perry Gardens

23/06/1879    Location   Liverpool   Venue   New Ferry Hotel

06/07/1879    Location   Brighton   Venue   Kings Road rink

27/07/1879    Location   Stowmarket   Venue   Foresters Gate

05/08/1879    Location   Stowmarket   Venue   Foresters Gate

06/08/1879    Location   Northampton   Venue   Melbourne Gardens

The African Blondin appears continuously at the Melbourne gardens up to and including the next entry.

17/07/1880      Location   Northampton   Venue   Melbourne Gardens

07/08/1880    Location Stowmarket   Venue Oddfellows Gala

26/08/1880    Location  Stowmarket   Venue  Forrester's Fete

04/09/1880    Location   Near Chesterfield   Venue   Brampton Mill Dam

October 1880  Location  Dunfries   Venue   Grand fete and private Edinburgh Picnic

17/10/1880     Location   Wellingborough   Venue   Promotion

06/11/1880     Location   Wellingborough   Venue   The Exchange

27/11/1880     Location   Wellingborough   Venue   Skating Rink

11/12/1880     Location   Wellingborough   Venue   Skating Rink

25/12/1880    Location   Wellingborough   Venue   Skating Rink

25/12/1880    Location   Wellingborough   Venue   Corn Exchange

29/12/1880    Location  Kettering   Venue Grand Ball at the Skating Rink

31/12/1880   Location Kettering   Venue Corn Exchange

15/01/1881   Location  Reading   Venue  Fossetts Circus

22/01/1881  Location Reading Venue  Fossetts Circus

18/06/1881   Location   Wallaston   Venue   Foresters Anniversary

22/06/1881   Location Newport Pagnall    Venue Grand fete

09/07/1881   Location   Thrapston   Venue   Raunds      

16/07/1881    Location   Leighton Buzzard    Venue Between bridges at linslade for three days

01/08/1881   Location  Deptford london    Venue  Fete and Gala

20/08/1881    Location   Wellingborough    Venue   None given ?????? Same date as Next entry

20/08/1881    Location   Gravesend Kent   Venue   Rosherville Gardens

27/08/1881     Location   Gravesend Kent   Venue   Rosherville Gardens

27/08/1881     Location   Scotland     Venue Peterhead    ??? Same date as previous entry, could be another performer.

03/09/1881     Location Gravesend   Venue  Rosherville Gardens for three weeks

08/04/1882    Location   Colchester   Venue   Skating Rink

28/06/1882    Location   Chatham Kent   Venue   Chatham  Recreation Grounds

03/07/1882    Location   Gravesend    Venue Rosherville Gardens

15/07/1882    Location     Gravesend Kent   Venue   Rosherville Gardens

27/07/1882     07/08/1882, 08/08/1882

                          Locations   Dartford   Maidstone   Deptford   Venue   Foresters

10/08/1882     11/08/1882   31/08/1882

                          Locations   Port Hill Park   Hanley   Romford    Venues’ Not known                 

12/08/1882     Location   Gravesend Kent   Venue   Rosherville Gardens

26/08/1882     Location   Preston   Venue   Preston  Pleasure Gardens

26/08/1882    Location   Burton upon Trent   Venue   Grand Floral and Musical Fete

02/09/1882    Location   Preston   Venue   Preston Pleasure Gardens

20/09/1882    Location   Preston   Venue   Pleasure Gardens

23/09/1882    Location   Germany   Venue   Promotion regarding Breslau

02/10/1882    Location   London   Venue   Britannia Theatre

09/10/1882    Location   London   Venue   Britannia Theatre

11/11/1882     Location   Germany   Venue   Promotion regarding Breslau

01/12/1882    Location   Breslau   Venue   Unknown

10/03/1883    17/03/1883   Location   Berlin   Venue   Breslau and Berlin promotion

31/03/1883   07/04/1883    Location   Belfast   Venue   Botanical Gardens

Whit Monday 1883   Location   Pontypool   Venue   Grand Volunteer Fete

09/06/1883    Location   Wensleydale   Venue   Hardow Scar, Hawes

07/07/1883    14/07/1883   Location   Shoreham Sussex   Venue   Swiss Gardens

27/07/1883    Location   Penzance   Venue   Laregan Gardens

06/08/1883    Location   Richmond   Venue   Old Deer Park

07/08/1883    Location   Old Kent Road   Venue   Recreation Grounds

18/08/1883    Location   Douglas Isle of Man   Venue   Falcon’s Cliff Gardens

25/08/1883    Location   Isle of Man   Venue   Laxey Glen Gardens

20/09/1883    Location  Laregan    Venue Fete in grounds of W.C. Barlase M.P.

06/10/1883    Location   Westminster   Venue   Royal Aquarium

17/10/1883    Location   London   Venue   Royal Aquarium

Easter Monday  1884    Location   Canterbury   Venue   Grand fete

05/04/1884    Location   Dewsbury   Venue   Montpelier Pleasure Ground

12/04/1884    Location   Ossett   Venue   Opening of Montpellier Gardens  Ossett Spa

19/04/1884    Location   Ossett   Venue   The new  Pleasure Grounds at South Ossett

05/04/1884    Location   Ossett   Venue   Montpellier Pleasure Ground

25/05/1884    Location   Enfield   Venue   Adkins Annual Fete

02/06/1884    Location   Enfield   Venue   Adkins Annual Fete

18/07/1884    Location  Coventry   Venue  Quinton Pool

19/07/1884    Location   Sudbury   Venue   Priory Grounds

31/07/1884    Location   Longford   Venue   Liberal Fete at Longford

04/08/1884    05/08/1884    Location   Gloucester   Venue   Kendal Fete

05/08/1884   Location  Gloucester   Venue  Liberal Fete

25/08/1884   Location  Romford   Venue Grand Fete

27/08/1884    Location   Crystal Palace   Venue   Foresters Fete

30/08/1884    Location   Crystal Palace   Venue             

06/09/1884    Location   Crystal Palace   Venue   Foresters Fete

05/09/1884    Location   Crystal Palace   Venue   International Exhibition

31/10/1884     Location   Longford Park Gloucester   Venue   Grand Liberal Fete and Gala

04/07/1885    Location   Blackpool   Venue   Raikes Gardens

25/07/1885    Location   Blackpool   Venue   Raikes Hall

08/08/1885   22/08/1885   29/08/1885  Location   Blackpool   Venue  Raikes Hall

15/05/1886   African Blondin just returned from the Continent

12/06/1886    Location   Northampton   Venue   Blisworth Hotel and Gardens

26/06/1886   03/07/1886   10/07/1886   Location   Romford   Venue   Promotion Romford Fete

17/07/1886   24/07/1886    Location   Woodstock   Venue   Blenheim Park.  By kind permission of the Duke of Marlborough.

31/07/1886    Location   Blenheim Park   Venue   Foresters fete

31/07/1886    Location   Woodstock   Venue   Foresters fete                     

04/09/1886   Location   Gravesend Kent   Venue   Rosherville Gardens

11/09/1886    Location   Gravesend Kent   Venue   Rosherville Gardens

25/10/1886    Location   Treorky Wales   Venue   Fletcher's Grand fete and Gala  (No evidence to confirm this performance)

28/12/1886    Location   Cheltenham   Venue   Winter Gardens

16/04/1887    Location   Malvern   Venue   Assembly rooms

20/05/1887   Location   Newark   Venue   Scronce Hill Gardens

24/06/1887   Location   Tunbridge Wells   Venue  Lighting the Beacon Fires

15/07/1887   Location  Tunbridge Wells   Venue  Friendly Societies Fete

31/12/1887   Location  Portsmouth   Venue  Olympia

16/01/1888   17/01/1888   03/02/1888   up to  04/02/1889    Location  Bristol    Venue  Colston Hall

11/02/1888   Location   Bath   Venue The Bath Pavillion   (No evidence of the actual performance)

May 1888      Location   Swansea   Venue   The Manselton Fete

 31/07/1888   Location  Torquay   Venue   Cockington Court

This Page shows Newspaper publication dates (Red).   I have considered using the performance dates where possible, but to save any confusion, publication dates will be used.    If  you wish to know any performance dates please contact Ron Howard for a comprehensive copy of the fascinating and detailed article/s that were published.